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Kaplan Foundation Nagpur has been registered under Indian society registration act 21,1860 from deli. of registration Nagpur .the Organizations legal status is as follows - registration Nagpur. The Organizations legal status is as flows- Registration Number - F 35010 dated 27/06/2017. Kaplan Foundation Nagpur Beliefs that without organizing community Groups, We Can involved in any development process. Keep an eye, the same things and has launched its initial phase with community mobilization on various issues like health. Education, Natural Resource management i.e. Soil & water conservation, social forestry etc through group approach Kaplan Foundation Nagpur has expended its operational area in Kamp tee and Nagpur district of Maharashtra. The Organization has also given emphasis in child and women welfare program. Micro- aspects play an improve social and economical status of human beings..its this order, women have unusual life style on said subject.

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